Afropunk debuts Sye Elaine Spence’s unique new animated video for “1964”


Today we’re premiering the animated new visual from folk singer-songwriter Sye Elaine Spence – ‘1964‘ (a collaboration with Brooklyn-based production company, dreambear, and experimental painter/filmmaker, Jeff Scher). In regards to the track, Spence (who is based in Atlanta) tells us: “The song was made as an ode, of sorts, to my grandmother, Elaine. She was like a warm blanket to me in childhood. The lullaby-like feel of the guitar throughout the song is intentionally reminiscent of that. Her stories of her youth, first love, first heartbreak, always fed my innate draw toward nostalgia. The lyrics are me simply my imaginings of what conversations used to be like during her time. Sweet, simple, delicate.” READ MORE…

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