American Songwriter premieres Lily and the Tigers’ “The Hand You Deal Yourself”

Lily and the Tigers press photo baby robot media american songwriter Casey Hood (Guitarist, Vocals) Adam Mincey (Upright Bass) Mikhail Ally (Bass Clarinet) Jared Pepper (Resophonic guitar)Sometime last summer, Lily and the Tigers decided to record their third studio album. They chose a studio far outside of town, gassed up the car, and packed it full of instruments… then threw in some tents and camping gear, too.

For a week, the band tracked songs in a Vermont studio during the day and camped under the stars at night. It was cheaper than renting a hotel, but for a band that specializes in ramshackle, flea-bitten folk songs, it was also a stylistic move. The Hand You Deal Yourself is the product of that week spent in the New England wilderness. It’s a raw, ragged campfire album, full of guitars that twang and drums that clang. On the title track, you can almost hear the summer wind whistle through the maple trees. READ MORE

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