Culture Collide debuts Sara Rachele’s new single “Sweet Man of Mine”

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Sara Rachele (pronounced ra-kelly) will transport you back to a purer time in pop rock; she has a voice you might’ve stumbled upon with a radio dial in the ‘90s: sweet but edgy, you can picture it softly crackling through your speakers while you’re driving down a New England highway in winter. Stripped to drums, vocals and guitar, Rachele’s sound formed through a series of encounters with various music scenes: first she worked at the trendy Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta and began playing as a side musician in a number of bands before becoming a back-up vocalist for The Love Willows. Next she relocated to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music for a time, landing eventually in New York City where she wrote most of her current material. A follow up to her debut album Diamond Street, her new single “Sweet Man of Mine” will be officially released this Friday (October 23). Here’s what Rachele says about recording track:

This song is a little call to love, when you’re dying for another’s attention. We recorded it at the same Atlanta studio in Little Five Points where I did my debut LP, Diamond Street. This time there was less pressure — it was just, “let’s make this song how we want it.” So we messed around and laughed and did some clap tracks.  LISTEN HERE…

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