Diffuser premieres new single from Shepherds

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Atlanta three-piece Shepherds’ full-length debut, Exit Youth, is said to address “getting old and realizing your dreams aren’t gonna come true” — in other words: coming of age. And what captures youthful malaise better than contemplating what could’ve been over a bed of noisy guitars?

That’s what frontman Jonathan Merenivitch, bassist Peter Cauthorn and drummer Adrian Switon (Cauthorn and Switon double as members of Atlanta’s Mood Rings and George Bataille Battle Cry, respectively) do on “King of Wasted Potential” — the latest track to emerge from the forthcoming Exit Youth — which Diffuser is happy to premiere today.

“It’s pretty much the story of me dropping out of law school to play music only to end up broke, trapped in the service industry with a college degree leaking out of my ears,” Merenivitch tells Diffuser. “The song is a pure representation of the desire every band has — some will deny this, but it’s true — to make a shameless, universal pop song that even the coworkers at your dead-end job might enjoy.” LISTEN HERE…

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