Examiner.com on the new EP from The Head: “⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ … A serious contender for best new music released this year.”

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This Atlanta trio has been at the game a while, now. Brothers Mike and Jack Shaw, along with high school friend Jacob Morrell have toured and recorded since they formed back in 2007. Not long after, The Head released their debut Puckered, a terrific, power-pop punch. Since that first release, Morrell’s guitar prowess has lived a thousand lives, Jack has created a fluidity on the drums that is the heartbeat of the band and while Mike is an excellent bassist, it’s his voice that reaches new heights with each new release. After evolving and maturing, the band has arrived in the fall of 2015 with their new self-produced EP, Millipedes.

The fantastic opening track “Jesus” sounds like it would be right at home on R.E.M.’s Monster, with grunge guitar, off-kilter shifts and thought-provoking lyrics. The rocking “It Ain’t Easy” tells the story of Newtown gunman Adam Lanza and his disjointed and strained relationship with his parents (“I’ve never heard of a son whose never played with a gun”). A potentially controversial move on the band’s part turns out to be a winner.

The dreamy guitar work on “Raincoats” may let a little of the Ocean Blue’s “Between Something and Nothing” slip into your subconscious, while “Unspoken” is a speeding roller coaster ride. “Pebbles on the Ground” is a wonderful closer with the trio creating the perfect storm. An instantly hummable tune that is a guaranteed dance floor filler. READ MORE…

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