Ghettoblaster premieres “Swimming” by Punch Punch Kick

Ghettoblaster Premiere

When all you need to make a pop record is a computer, there’s something rebellious about pouring bubble gum out of nickel wound strings. Los Angeles power pop wunderkinds Punch Punch Kick have spent the first five years of their existence carving off every shred of fat from their songs, leaving behind nothing but lean hooks and youthful lyrics planted firmly in your brain. They might be a rock band that writes pop songs, but they’re a band first.

The members of Punch Punch Kick met long before the group formed, becoming friends while their respective old bands played shows at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, a legendary all-ages club that provided an early stage for acts ranging from At The Drive-In to Fall Out Boy. Drawn together by a mutual respect for each other’s chops and the work of power-pop stalwarts like Cheap Trick and Weezer, Punch Punch Kick sat down to write some songs, taking their name from the standard button-mashing combo in arcade fighting games. Shortly after forming they met producer Linus of Hollywood, the only man in history to work with teen heartthrobs 5 Seconds of Summer and nerd-punk elder statesmen Nerf Herder. READ MORE…

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