Ground Sounds premieres Bedouin’s “The City”

Bedouin Press Photo bedouin the city ground sounds los angeles The Satellite in LA with Michael Kiwanuka and Willoughby

We are thrilled to be premiering a new song from Bedouin today called “The City.” She will be playing tonight at The Satellite in LA with Michael Kiwanuka and Willoughby. Don’t miss the chance to see her perform live!

“Bedouin’s sound is for the modern cyber gypsy, dipping a curious toe in the swaying Mediterranean before caravaning for weeks across the deserts of the Middle East, and finally catching a redeye back to L.A. for a pre-dawn Southern California stroll. The music is beautiful and striking, always reveling quietly in its search for some enigmatic unknown just out of reach. There is no ego here, no filter between Bedouin’s heart and her songs.” LISTEN HERE

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