Head over to American Songwriter Magazine and check out “Don’t Give Me Hell,” from Sara Rachele’s forthcoming album, Diamond Street (out Sept. 2). Featuring guest harmony vocals from J Thomas Hall

Sara Rachele press photo Diamond Street baby robot media American Songwriter Don’t Give Me Hell from Diamond Street J Thomas Hall

The Artist: Sara Rachele with J Thomas Hall
The Song:
 “Don’t Give Me Hell” from Diamond Street, out September 2
Fun Fact: Originally from Decatur, GA, Rachele spent her teenage years as a keyboardist and background singer in The Love Willows before relocating to New York.
Songwriter Says:  “When you end up in a relationship, there are those places you go together. We all have them—whether it’s a favorite coffeeshop, dive bar, book store, record shop, whatever. You develop these strong associations between that person in your life and that particular place. Of course, when things end, it can be difficult to go back—to the point where, sometimes, you feel compelled to give that  place up. My new album Diamond Street is a collection of all those places and shared moments—both precious and dirty—that we revisit in our minds. LISTEN HERE…

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