Immersive Atlanta debuts acoustic live session of Sara Rachele performing her song “Never Come Around” from her 2014 debut LP Diamond Street


If I had to name singer-songwriter Sara Rachele’s greatest gift, it would be her ability to wring big emotions from the simplest of songs. Much of the credit can go to her honey-coated voice, although her knack for finding points of depth and complexity in her mostly spare arrangements shouldn’t be overlooked.

On “Never Come Around,” the full range of her gifts are on display, her heartrending vocals accompanied only by the gentle strum of her acoustic guitar. It’s a haunting, gorgeous song, and the video, shot live last year by Atlanta Entourage, only serves to highlight the intense beauty of her singing, which bristles with a kind of wounded vulnerability. We’re not sure why a performance so striking has been shelved for so long, but we’re very excited to be able to premiere it for you today. WATCH HERE

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