Impose interviews “hell-rallying” garage-punk trio Lowbanks and premieres their “fun and frantic” new song “Sleep for Days”

Lowbanks John Graffo - Vocals/Guitar Grey Duddleston - Drums/Percussion Christian Self- Bass baby robot media Impose Magazine garage punk premiere Sleep For Days

Getting their EP The Dogs ready for December 9, and just in time for x-mas; — ATL’s Lowbanks kick out the premiere of their fun and frantic jam, “Sleep for Days”. Working with producer Trey Rosenkampff of Chief Scout an Concord America notability; the hell rallying three piece of vocalist/electric-axe-wielder John Graffo, drummer Grey Duddleston, and bassist Christian Self make a run to the pound kennels and release the hounds into the sleepless, moonlight night.

The kind of garage rock antics that Lowbanks deal in is not your standard, predictable grunge and grit. John manages his vocals from the manic verses to the loud wailing chorus calls, as chord timings and arrangements shift and strike when you least expect them to. Not content to be fitted into any neat order, the first two minutes rocks like a dizzying performances at a DIY Atlanta venue, before the band completely transforms the song at the halfway mark into a surface dredging doom guitar section that sends the song down the river like a viking funeral. Lowbanks keep the energy at a maximum high, forsaking the pigeonhole standard rules of conformity for the Southern comfort of one of the most addict, yet blissfully erratic sounds you might hear all winter. After the debut of “Sleep For Days”, join us for our roundtable discussion with Lowbanks’ John, Grey, and Christian. LISTEN HERE…

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