Mass Appeal premieres Chubb Rock & Mighty Mi’s “Same Rock” (Jon Kwest Mix)

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Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Chubb Rock eventually relocated to NYC and entered the rap game via his cousin Hitman Howie Tee. Distinguishing himself with rough, rugged rhymes as filtered through the brain of a National Merit Scholar, the Chubbster dropped a classic with his 1991 disc The One, which had not one but three No. 1 rap singles, including the sureshot ragga-rap jam “Just the Two of Us,” the pulse-pounding “Treat Em Right,” and “The Chubbster.”

A couple of decades later, Chubb Rock is the host of WBLS’s Classic Flava show and the nationally syndicated Diggin in tha Crates radio program. But don’t get it twisted— Mr. Rock is still fully capable of spitting hot fire, as evidenced by “Same Rock,” which we’re premiering today off his Same Rock EP. The track is a collaboration with DJ Mighty Mi, best known for his work with High & Mighty, Eminem, Mos Def, and El-P. “This record started with a simple idea—to take my favorite rappers of the Golden Era and have them rap over the the kind of house beats people are going crazy for at my clubs,” says Mighty Mi. “As a Vegas DJ, I see the trends in club music firsthand, and I found that house-infused hip-hop is what people are reacting to most right now. And I had a feeling that Chubb would sound really good over some uptempo beats…. When he sent me back the demo version of the song, he’d written three verses that sounded old school, but with current references. He’s witty as ever, and most of all, that unmistakable Chubb Rock voice is still there.”   LISTEN HERE…

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