Nashville Scene premieres The Wans’ “Turn Your Back” off of their debut LP He Said, She Said

The Wans Simon Kerr-Vocals/Guitar Mark Petaccia-Vocals/Drums Thomas Bragg-Vocals/Bass He Said, She Said Nashville Scene Turn Your Back

With a sound steeped gritty, grunge-y, bluesy American rock ’n’ roll and savage, post-punk-infused attack, and a frontman, Simon Kerr, who comes to Nashville via Derry, Northern Ireland, The Wans tightly package four decades of distortion-buzzing sonic nastiness into a crisp 10-song stranglehold on their full-length debut, He Said, She Said. On standouts like “Tired” and “Can’t Fix You,” the drums pound and propel, the gang vocals and percussion are bombastic, and the guitars chop through the speakers like an ax-wielding Jack Nicholson.

The Wans celebrated the record’s release last night at The Basement, appearing as part of the club’s most excellent $2-beer-special-boasting Sunday Post series alongside the likes of Slick, Poly, Earl Burrows, The Heathens and Werewulf. He Said, She Said officially drops tomorrow, but the band has offered us an exclusive stream of the album cut “Turn Your Back.” LISTEN HERE…

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