No Depression reviews Nero, the new debut LP from Ian Fisher

ian fisher snowstar records germany nero Berlin Missouri

Today marks the release of Ian Fisher’s debut country record on Snowstar records simply titled,Nero. Simple is such a breath of fresh air. Fisher crafts simple, yet emotionally complex meanderings straight from a place as tender as a newborn’s bottom. His voice a hoarser Jim Croce, with pen ready to strike a’la Billy Bragg meets an old Johnny Cash notebook.

Heartland drenched in pendulous pedal steel fills from Ollie Samland and scrumptious backing vocals from Alexia Peniquel, Nero is a quaint, quality country album from a man thousands of miles away from his home country. The record captured in a few studios, two bedrooms, and at least one basement whilst Fisher has been living in Berlin, Germany yet is as Middle American as a boy could possibly get,  raised on a farm in Missouri. Fisher turned to country music to hopefully jumpstart some of that fleeting Patriotism, we’re glad he did. READ MORE…

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