NYCTaper recorded Gringo Star’s recent performance at Mercury Lounge in New York

Gringo Star Peter Furgiuele and Nicholas Furgiuele baby robot media nyctaper nyc taper

Gringo Star‘s formula ain’t hard to figure out, nor is it foreign to fans of the stellar garage rock that’s been pouring out of the Atlanta, GA area for the past several years. Helmed by the Furgiuele brothers — Nick and Peter – Gringo Star plays fun-loving, to-the-point tunes that find them in good company with other recent site favorites like fellow Atlantans The Coathangers and the West Coasters Night Beats. This late-night set at Mercury Lounge proved to be the kind of free-for-all you might expect, with the band as ringleaders. Their latest album, Floating Out to See, finds them in a slightly mellower, more textured mode on the LP, but in the tight confines of Mercury it all came out pure party music. I can only hope the after party was as much of a scorcher as this set.  LISTEN HERE…

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