Performer Magazine debuts new track “Unspoken” from The Head’s EP Millipedes

The Head unspoken millipedes performer magazine

Performer is excited to premiere the new track “Unspoken” by The Head, off their new EP Millipedes, out Nov. 13. LISTEN BELOW and leave a comment.

Singer/bassist Mike Shaw has this to say about the song: The lyrics to ‘Unspoken’ kind of just came out on the spot as we were playing the music. So you could definitely say it’s a stream-of-consciousness type of song. The music itself came very similarly. We were all just messing around with chord progressions in our rehearsal space until a melody formed. There wasn’t much planning or second guessing with the song. It was born out of pure instinct…We’ve been on the road a lot lately, and we have a different relationship with the songs on the new EP now that we’ve been playing them live. The studio has its limits, whereas the road allows us to change the nuances in our songs night by night. The road gives us room to experiment.” LISTEN HERE…

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