PlanetMosh gives The Wans’ new album He Said, She Said 5 out of 5 stars

The Wans Simon Kerr-Vocals/Guitar Mark Petaccia-Vocals/Drums Thomas Bragg-Vocals/Bass He Said, She Said

The Wans, from Nashville Tennessee, are a three piece rock and roll band formed only a few years ago. I have been following them for over a year now after stumbling across them through social media. In such a short space of time The Wans have already supported bands such asPearl JamBeck and The Black Lips. As vocalist/guitarist Simon Kerr comes from my home country Northern Ireland, Derry to be exact, I have been eager to hear this album for a very long time and I‘m happy to say it does not fail to impress.

Their debut album “He Said She Said” grabs you by the balls right from the off! Opening track “Never Win” starts off lively. With a pounding driving rhythm, frantic riffs and melodies, explicit lyrics and with Simon Kerr’s smooth higher register vocals it certainly sounds fresh, vibrant and this continues straight through the whole album. It never lets up. “You’re Wasting” has a deep heavy sound. The drums are huge fromMark Petaccia and works tightly with Thomas Bragg to provide a commanding, pounding, driving rhythm with chunky riffs from Kerr. This is awesome. READ MORE…

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