PopMatters debuts Gringo Star’s new single “Undone”

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If based on their name you suspect that Gringo Star are a bit cheeky, you’re probably right. There’s a definite playfulness to the band’s brand of pop, as their latest single “Undone” makes plenty evident. The track, whose most distinctive features include plinked piano notes and a whistling melody, sounds like the kind of tune that would play well over a Wes Anderson film’s closing montage. As such, it’s utterly appropriate for the coming summer months; after one or two spins, you’ll be whistling along to “Undone” as you walk out into the sunny season.

Singer and guitarist Pete Furgiuele tells PopMatters a great deal about the song and its influences: “We never really set out to make songs sound a particular way or fit into a particular genre. It’s more of a process of filtering out the things we don’t like. We’ve always loved to mix things up and try different instruments and sounds while still keeping true to the Gringo Star sound. The way we see it, there are so many cool sounds and different approaches in music that it’s cutting yourself short to write the same song and go for the same sound over and over. We like to keep things evolving. I know this is an approach we’ll continue to have as long as we’re a band. LISTEN HERE..

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