Punknews.org premieres Lowbanks new song “The Dogs”

Lowbanks John Graffo - Vocals/Guitar Grey Duddleston - Drums/Percussion Christian Self- Bass baby robot media

Punknews is pleased to debut the new song by Lowbanks. The tune is called “The Dogs” and it’s off the band’s upcoming EP of the same name. Guitarist John Graffo spoke to Punknews about the tune.

“‘The Dogs’ was our attempt at making some good old-fashioned rock & roll��”of course, like most things we do it didn’t quite work out the way we envisioned, but it happened to be better than we’d hoped. With the intro, we’d been listening to a bunch of stuff like Metz and Death From Above 1979, and we wanted to do something really noisy and abrasive but have it fade into a sexy groove. I love noise in music��”our drummer Grey and our bassist Selfish regularly shout at me to chill when I’m taking ‘too long’ to find the perfect sputtery, fuzzy, weird feedback. Of course if they didn’t shout at me, we’d probably never write any actual songs.

“I wrote the lyrics to ‘The Dogs’ when I was reading The Stranger by Albert Camus. It’s about a dream I had where I was being chased by a pack of these basically demon-dog hybrid beasts. I love dogs��”I’ve never found them frightening, but that made me realize how terrifying the seemingly innocuous things we surround ourselves with can be. We ended up naming the new EP after this song��”I think that idea of the “evil that hides just beneath the surface” is a relatively prevalent theme throughout the record, just like in life and relationships in general. In pretty much everything we do as humans. Or maybe I’m drunk. It’s a toss up really.”

The release is out tomorrow and you’ll be able to get it hereLISTEN HERE…

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