PunkNews.org reviews TRASHCLUB’s debut album Black Out

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For all the twists and turns rock has taken in different directions (remember that 60s period when every cool band went country?), there are always bands that try to wrestle it back into the direction of American primitivism, of people in garages singing songs about getting fucked up and searching for…well something. A lover, sex, the next bottle of booze, a transcendent high, who knows? Trashclub is happy to be one of those bands, gleeful in their bashing garage pop aspirations. They write simple songs about bathing in the rock n’ roll fantasy all next to some big hooks to keep you happy.

And mission accomplished by the twosome here, whether it’s “Rock n’ Roll Daydream”, which rips off a good five or six classics backed by the “Sweet Jane” riff or the triumphant “Wanna Wanna”. Trashclub’s songs are a mix of garage, post-punk, and disco, the basic feel of the songs elevated a little by washes of reverb on the vocals and tambourine. They sound like if the Black Keys were just a little more danceable and excited – the opener “Black Out” is the best song here, a surfy rocker that’s tight and fun as hell in its urgency and souped up motor sound. READ MORE…

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