PureVolume premieres Sydney Eloise & The Palms song “Comes To An End”

Sydney Eloise and the Palms Atlanta faces indie rock BABY robot media

Sydney Eloise & The Palms yearn for the golden age of pop—the ’60s and ’70s when Phil Spector reigned king—and they’re doing their best to put a modern spin on it. Mixing that with current influences like Rilo Kiley and up-and-coming indie darling Natalie Prass, Sydney’s debut album Faces is filled with lush instrumentation and whimsical vocal harmonies led by her sultry voice. Today we’re excited to premiere her latest single, “Comes to an End.” Stream the soulful song above and read Sydney’s track commentary below.

“It’s no secret that classic-pop plays a big role on the whole Faces record, but it’s especially evident on ‘Comes to and End.’ Back in the golden era of pop, no one wanted to listen to a sad song, but they were everywhere. Listen to any Beach Boys song—Brian Wilson and the rest of the band knew how to package a heartbreaker over a groovin’ backbeat. Like a lot of songs on my record, “Comes to an End” started simple and a little more melancholy, partially due to the subject matter. This was the first of three songs myself and [producer/engineers] Damon Moon and Chandler Galloway were all collaborating on, and once we were all in the room working it out together, our shared love of McCartney, The Everly Brothers and even classic country all came together and, in a way, it laid the foundation for what would eventually become Faces.LISTEN HERE…

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