PureVolume streams Shepherds new LP, Exit Youth

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In recent years, Atlanta has been fertile ground for musical experimentation. On top of innovative bands like Deerhunter, the Black Lips, not to mention the slew of hip hop acts to emerge from the ATL is Shepherds. Combining a tantalizing mix of postpunk, soul and alt rock, the trio have the chops and a diverse sound that makes them one of the more interesting bands to emerge in 2015. Conceived over a three-year period in singer/guitarist Jonathan Merenivitch’s life, when he battled an internal push-and-pull over his decision to make music his full time career, Exit Youth show great promise from the band.

Exit Youth is all about the wreckage of your late 20s when you pursue a career in the arts,” Merenivitch explains. “Dealing with self-loathing, poverty, useless knowledge, nepotism, entitlement, procrastination and the idea that your dreams aren’t going to come true. I believe the idea of broken dreams is a healthy one. Acceptance of this allows you to get rid of the adolescent nonsense that may be holding you back. Basically, you gotta grow up sometime and pay attention to things that are more important—more important than music, photography, film, etc. Gettin’ your shit together.” LISTEN HERE…

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