Sara Rachele’s “Ain’t No Train” premieres on Elmore Mag

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“We’re like a super-group nobody’s heard of,” singer/guitar player Sara Rachele says of her performing trio, the Skintights. “A bit of an old-country Dolly Parton obsessed queer punk guerilla-militia girl-scout troop.” Now, if that doesn’t grab your attention, nothing will. And indeed, the Los Angeles based group is a free-spirited, forward thinking, DIY outfit, cobbled together from unlikely locations and disparate musical persuasions.There’s frontwoman Rachele, who cut her teeth in Atlanta clubs playing with Lisa Loeb and Shawn Colvin. There’s Gyasi Heus, a West Virginia born performer and songwriter steeped in gypsy jazz, Piedmont and country blues. Finally there’s wWaylon, a southern boy in practice but not politics, who plays his own riotous brand of bluegrass punk. They came together with an unmistakable energy, and soon were off to the Joshua Tree desert to record their debut album, Motel Fire, with the help of producer Chris Unck (Butch Walker/Gavin Degraw). LEARN MORE…

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