Stream of the new EP from The Head at Impose’s Week in Pop column

The Head atlanta Mike and Jack Shaw brothers Jacob Morrell millipedes it ain't easy

Atlanta, Georgia’s The Head release their Millipedes EP today and we give you the following debut listen followed by a few exclusive insights. The trio of Jack Shaw, Mike Shaw, and Jacob Morrell partake in the time tried and true traditions of power pop that have been reinforced further from the group’s work with the likes of John Vanderslice, Doug Gillard, Mitch Easter, Big Star legend Jody Stephens and more. Continuing what brothers Jack and Mike and friend Jacob began during their freshman year of high school, the self-producedMillipedes moves in a variety of directions that finds The Head moving in assured and exciting headstrong directions.

Musings of messianism and more rocks hard on the opener cut “Jesus” and unfolds in ways that present the three working together like a well-serviced savior machine. Matters get serious on “It Ain’t Easy” that recalls the 2012 Newtown school shooting that explores interpersonal connections from father and son dynamics, to examining the balances and imbalances of our surrounding society at large. Storms and downpours burst in the catchy tarp clad “Raincoats” that seeks a sort of shelter for all things from the threat of overhead rain clouds and their emitted contents. Ineffable things left unsaid, forgotten, and unacknowledged are illustrated in the power fist clenched cut “Unspoken”, right before the three leave you strolling to the guitar lick laden stoned strewn pathway of “Pebbles On The Ground”. Developing styles and sounds of their own championed by their idols and contemporaries, The Head have hemmed a five song cycle to keep you warm this winter until word of a forthcoming full-length makes the news rounds. LISTEN HERE…

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