Under The Gun Review premieres SEX BBQ’s “Empty Shells” off their upcoming debut LP, Sex Noir City

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Atlanta-based gypsy and surf rock quintet SEX BBQ is gearing up to release one of the fall’s most clever releases, Sex Noir City. The record, due out November 25, is self-described as having a “party element,” while still containing a certain sense of “mystique.” It’s a record bound to keep you on your toes.

Today, Under The Gun is teaming up with the band to bring you the brand new cabaret-influenced track, “Empty Shells.” The song spits fast verses with psychedelic choruses. It’s a track viable enough for present day, but exuberant enough for a time past. It’s like the B-52s with more moxy. Singer and guitarist Kate Jan had this to say about the new song:

“Writing “Empty Shells” was an attempt to flee my own maniacal thoughts during the preoccupation phase of a new love. I came up with the swirling frenzy of a first verse while walking home from Emory Hospital after work. The thought of this guy blasted me with the first gust of fresh air when I opened the hospital doors. Yeasayer songs about a new spring pumped through my headphones, soundtracking thoughts of his blue eyes, the way he walked, the way his keys jangled, the way he carefully placed his bike in the back of his truck—at once, masculine and graceful.” LISTEN HERE…