Chicagoist features Puppy Grenade artist Jacob Ellijah’s new set of twisted holiday greeting cards as the first item in their “Holiday Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Want” list

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The holidays are quickly approaching and if you haven’t marked off every good girl or boy on your shopping list you might just be freaking out right now. Have no fear, the Chicagoist staff has put together a handy list of inventive gifts that will wow every recipient on your list.

For Your Entire Holiday Card List
Still haven’t gotten around to this year’s holiday cards? Why not send a unique seasons greeting designed by a local artist instead of grabbing whatever’s left on the shelf at Walgreens. Chicago-based illustrator Jacob Elijah has designed a new line of twisted holiday cards called Oddly Greeted, and if you enjoy reading our site, these cards are probably right up your alley. There’s a skull and crossbones card made up of cookies and candy canes, a gingerbread man coup, a snowman losing his snowballs and more. A little snark, a little dark and all fun, the cards are available in four different packs for purchase. READ MORE…

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