Elmore Magazine premieres The Linemen’s new single, “Cold Water”


It took several decades- and a few of life’s twists and turns- before old friends Kevin Johnson and Jonathan Gregg would finally join artistic forces to become the new Linemen. In the early ’90s, Johnson and Gregg’s artistic lives converged for the first time, as the two bandleaders started finding themselves sharing bills. Both young men were starting to receive real praise for their work, Johnson well known around the D.C. scene fronting the old Linemen, Gregg deep into the NYC club scene as part of theLonesome Debonaires. But life went on, and for one reason or another both men drifted away from the musical pursuits of their youth in the early aughts, Johnson starting his own business and Gregg becoming a freelance pedal-steel player. READ MORE…

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