Excellent review of The Head’s new EP Millipedes at Creative Loafing Atlanta

The Head atlanta Mike and Jack Shaw brothers Jacob Morrell millipedes it ain't easy

Twenty-somethings Jacob Morrell (guitar), Jack Shaw (drums), and Mike Shaw (vocals, bass) demonstrate pop knowledge and mastery beyond their years with the Head’s Millipedes EP. The band revisits college radio’s halcyon days with “Jesus,” a song driven by three chords of fuzz and dripping with self-defeat. Upbeat anthem “It Ain’t Easy” comes from an even darker place, as it is about Newtown gunman Adam Lanza’s relationship with his father. Southern indie and Northwestern grunge darkness give way to less gloomy British traditions on the remaining tracks. The most rewarding of these is “Pebbles on the Ground,” a multi-faceted, unpretentious nod to ’80s noise pop giants. There is enough variety and creativity stretched across six songs to set the standards high for the group’s future. ★★★☆☆ READ MORE…

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