Flavorwire premieres Honus Honus’ video for “Will You?” (Feat. Pauly Shore)

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Honus Honus is perhaps best known as the frontman for the similarly alliterative Philadelphia-based experimentalists Man Man, but with the release of his debut solo record, Use Your Delusion, in 2016, he’s also a solo artist. The album — founded via PledgeMusic — is a fascinating, dramatic piece of work: less manic than Man Man, perhaps, but no less theatrical than his “main” project. We’re delighted to premiere the video for new single “Will You?”, which features Pauly Shore as a washed-up TV actor. We find him backstage on the set of some unspecified Japanese TV show, and watch as he hits forlornly on his make-up artist, and then stares silently into a mirror — as Honus sings, “Will you blow your brains out on a Sunday?/ Or will you slag it off until the moon goes down and do it Monday?” It’s a short, unsettling piece that captures the mood of the album all too well. WATCH HERE…

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