Impose features Shepherds’ debut LP Exit Youth at their Week in Pop column

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Shepherds, masterminded by Jonathan Merenivitch, just released their album Exit Youth today and presented us with the super courteous and super-charged single “Courtesy”. Merenivitch’s musical resume checks his work with Janelle Monae, Dog Bite, Del Venicci, and more, where Shepherds finds him playing with Peter Cauthorn from Mood Rings on bass, George Bataille Battle Cry’s Adrian Switon on drums, with further rumbling bass rhythm considerations courtesy of Canivores and Del Venicci’s Ross Politi. Their debut album toast to rites of passage and the road to adulthood tackles the challenges and changes with a memorable motorik driving jam that is not your parents’ post-punk/kraut/prog/album rock/whatever.

“Courtesy” is noise-reared in a way where every controlled instrumental item (or implementation of audio chaos) is sharpened finally to use every iota of sound to wrap melodic textures around a state of constant, rapid percussive locomotion. From here Merenivitch and the gang serve up sections of reigned roars and primal yells that all abide on accord of harmonic-percussion principles. Nothing stops the roll that “Courtesy” coasts on where sequences of sea-sawing electric metal strings spring up like brontosaurus sized Lochness sized leviathans from the depths of lakes and oceans. LISTEN HERE…

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