IndieMinded interviews Radnor & Lee on their high school years

IndieMinded Interview

We recently had a chance to catch up with indie folk-pop duo Radnor & Lee to take a walk down memory lane. Both Josh Radnor and Ben Lee gave us a little insight into their life during high school, and even took some time out to make a playlist for us (and you).

“Ben Lee began his career as a young teenager in the early ’90s, in the Australian lo-fi punk band Noise Addict, who were discovered by taste-making artists Sonic Youth and the Beastie Boys. This began what is now an almost 25-year career of producing intelligent and spiritual indie-pop songs that have soundtracked Ben’s inner life in music.”

“I started playing in a band, Noise Addict, when I was 14 – so high school for me was not really high school – it was a series of interruptions to my ongoing adventures in the world of indie rock. Music was everything to me. It was a map and a destination. It soundtracked my experiences and also dictated them. I was so lucky to be a teenager during the indie-rock lo-fi craze of the 90s. It gave me a culture that I could fit into without polish or pretension. I was also obsessed with sex, obviously, and indie rock presented a more sublimated, genteel version of masculinity that I could relate to – not about being macho or anything, but about being smart, funny and dorky. School was really just something that I had to get through each day to get home to my guitar, my band, and my records. I still don’t think about it very much!” – Ben Lee READ MORE…

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