No Depression interviews Radnor & Lee about “Be Like the Being”

No Depression Interview

Friends for over a decade actor/musician Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother) and indie-troubadour Ben Lee have formed a new indie-pop duo by the name of Radnor & Lee. Combining their shared interest in spirituality and philosophy, the two sat down to write a song together, which subsequently turned into ten, and their musical partnership was born. Their debut single “Be Like The Being” is a dynamically uplifting, spiritual folk-pop tune that instills the feeling of pure joy in the listener’s core via the infectious melody, sweet violin, heavenly harmonies, and foot-stomping chorus. It’s enlightening, charming and perfectly delightful. Stream the track below then read the interview with Josh and Ben where they talk about their friendship, the single, and more. READ MORE…

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