PopDust premieres “Family Pet” by Family Pet

PopDust Premiere

“‘I thought they were all o’ one sample, as you may say. But it seems one mustn’t judge by th’ outside’,” English author and journalist George Eliot once penned in his 1860 novel, The Mill on the Floss, from the perspective of the story’s central character, Mr. Tulliver. It is thus one of the earliest usages of the phrase (as we’ve come to know it): don’t judge a book by its cover. Of course, the exact verbiage changed according to the surrounding cultural, mirroring the varied belief system and traveling far beyond the confines of the Victorian Era. Its timeless and universal appeal has permeated every corner of the globe and nearly every aspect of popular art. Grunge-rock punk band Family Pet utilize that phrase for their own reworking of its core themes, flipping the meaning into a biting and authoritative anthem to shatter the patriarchy–named after their band name, naturally. “Family Pet” premieres exclusively today, and you can listen to it in full below. READ MORE…

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