Levi Thomas

Levi Thomas

Photo by Dominic Aeillo

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Levi Thomas is a twentysomething Missouri-born songwriter, currently residing in the Bay Area, where he ended up after chasing the same West Coast American dreams as his forebears. The former singer/guitarist of sludge-psych outfit Ghost Dance, Thomas released one album on Rough Beast Records—also home of bands Ranch Ghost and Del Sur—before leaving behind his old band’s heavier garage-psych/space-punk sound to pursue a cosmic-country solo career.

“The Fear” is the first single from Thomas’ debut album, Billie, which was recorded throughout the winter and spring of 2016 with Winston Goertz-Giffen (Grass Widow, other notable credits???) at Oakland’s Santo Studio.

“The Fear” is defined by Urban Dictionary as the sense that you have done yourself some lasting damage after a night of drinking. “As with most of my songs,” Thomas explains, “it’s about 50/50 autobiographical / poetic embellishment. I had experienced a pretty strange and lonely year, including the harshest winter of my life, in which I was stricken with the fear so frequently the only way to shake it was through the power of song.”

Levi Thomas’ Billie is scheduled for a late 2017 release on Rough Beast Records.


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