Under The Gun premieres Through The Sparks’ “Living Rooms”

Through the Sparks Birmingham Alabama psychedelic folk rock band Jody Nelson James Brangle Greg Slamen Shawn Avery Nikolaus Mimikakis baby robot media publicity pr

“‘Living Rooms’ was a song that was around as an instrumental idea that James Brangle brought in. It sat for a good while with no words. One Fourth of July we were all at his house and James and I and my wife were out by these railroad track that run past his backyard. There is a small, creepy tunnel that runs beneath the tracks. At the time, I was really attracted to such things—remnants of an old Murakami kick, I think. I was sort of kneeling down and crawling out of it when I fell in the tall grass and split my face on a broken flower pot. Emergency room trip and several weeks of explaining the bandages. Goose-egg bump. The words to this one, and a lot of weird spoken word over noisy organ music, came after it. I think I had in my mind the idea after it happened that the tunnel aimed back out into some weird antipode where I now had this big scar down my face, and in every way, I did.”

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