Under The Gun Review premieres Sara Rachele’s gorgeous new song “Never Come Around”

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As one of New York City’s via Atlanta, Georgia’s best-kept gems, Sara Rachele (pronounced ra-kelly) is creating the type of music lost in the digital age. Her new record,Diamond Street, produced by Ponderosa’s Kris Sampson (Balkans, B-52′s, The Coathangers), is a lo-fi rock ‘n’ roll effort worthy of Stevie Nicks. Her form of transparent and loose songwriting is ready to capture the hearts of America and beyond.

Today we are bringing you a song titled “Never Come Around” off of the brand new record. Inheriting the lo-fi essence described above, Rachele knocks out a swooning and sweet melody atop a Jeff Buckley-esque guitar riff, sending the listener into a peaceful abyss. LISTEN HERE…