8 Inch Betsy teamed up with the Chicagoist for a full album stream of The Mean Days

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8 Inch Betsy was a shining light in the Chicago music scene, so the community was caught off guard with singer and guitarist Meghan Galbraith’s death earlier this year. The band went on hiatus in 2012 when bassist Eli Burke moved to Tucson, where the band originated. But work on what would become their sophomore effort, The Mean Days, began in 2009. And today the LP is finally being posthumously released on 307 Knox Records, a label run by the band’s final live drummer Melissa Thomas.

The Mean Days is a ferocious blast of pop-punk, filled with raw emotion balanced an ear for melodies that will have you shouting along with the choruses within seconds. It’s filled with love, lust, raw emotion, fury, laughter—it’s a spectrum of emotions ground up and funneled through Galbraith’s unique sensibility. LISTEN HERE…

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