Adrian Cohen shares new single “Cooler Than Cool” at PunkNews


Today, Punknews is pleased to debut the new song by Adrian Cohen.

This premiere might be a little different than our usual fare. Cohen is a 16 year old savant that composes songs, using his dad as a lyricist. Cohen is a calendar counter, eats over 200 cantaloupes a year (he volunteered that info, we didn’t like ask him, “how many cantaloupes do you eat in a given year”), and writes songs from a truly unique perspective. Whereas most bands we cover tend to write towards a genre’s precepts, or intentionally move away from certain traits, Cohen, like a very small group, seems to write in almost a true vacuum. You could, perhaps, compare his process to that of Daniel Johnston, Brian Wilson, and Wesley Willis, but each of those artists have their own style. READ MORE…

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