American Songwriter Magazine has named Aaron Lee Tasjan’s In the Blazes one of the Top 50 Albums of 2015

Aaron Lee Tasjan Americana In the Blazes Drivin' N Cryin' Kevn Kinney New York Dolls Alberta Cross

41. Aaron Lee Tasjan: In The Blazes

It takes unique talent to adapt to playing with artists as diverse as Pat Green, Kevn Kinney and the New York Dolls all before releasing your debut at 27. But such is the shaggy dog tale of East Nashville by way of Ohio and New York bohemian Aaron Lee Tasjan. He takes that experience and unleashes it in a 10-song set that showcases his wry, dryly humorous lyrics atop folk rock caught between the crawling swamp of J.J. Cale (“The Dangerous Kind”), the urban grit of Bruce Springsteen (“Lucinda’s Room”), the self-deprecation of Randy Newman (“E.N.S.A.A.T.”) and the poetic swagger of  Elliott Murphy (“Made in America”). Tasjan exudes a scruffy, lovable charm that translates into Americana that’s as charming as it is chiming. Unfortunately, at only 35 minutes, the album is over just as it’s finding that elusive groove. Still, there is enough wily wordplay and effortlessly hummable melodies in these rootsy country folk-rockers to keep you satiated until he can produce the follow-up we’re already waiting for.  READ MORE…

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