Blah Blah Blah Science compares Bedouin to Cat Power, Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval & Dusty Springfield

Bedouin Press Photo bedouin the city blahblahblahscience blah science blahblahblah up all night

The precise focused pensiveness of Cat Power, the windswept far-away aesthetic of Hope Sandoval and the warm at-ease tone of Dusty Springfield are a few introductory aesthetic touchstones for newcomer L.A. artist Bedouin. But rather than a sum of a resume of influences or a one sheet of hyperbolic praise and notions, the worldly well-traveled Bedouin (she grew up admist an amalgamation of different cultures and environments) sings and composes from a broader and, as is evidenced in her music, immensely affecting place that is completely her own. We’re privileged to premiere the stunning “Up All Night” from Bedouin’s forthcoming s/t EP.  LISTEN HERE…

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