Blahblahblahscience says City Tribe’s new song “Broken Arrow” “blends the easy West Coast harmonies of Fleet Foxes with the chaotic beauty/tempest-in-a-tea-cup quality of Neil Young’s noisier records.”

City Tribe press photo Jacob Jones: Lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars Eric Wallace: Electric bass, shaker Duncan Nielsen: Lead vocals, electric guitar, mandolin, korg Cody Rhodes baby robot media blahblahblahscience blahblahblah science broken arrow undertow

We’re very pleased to premiere “Broken Arrow” the latest track from San Francisco band City Tribe. Excerpted from the band’s new LP Undertow, “Broken Arrow” blends the West Coast easy harmonies of a Fleet Foxes with the chaotic beauty/tempest in a tea-cup quality of Neil Young’s noisier records. Undertow, the LP recorded by former Manchester Orchestra drummer Andy Freeman is out July 29. LISTEN HERE…

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