Blue Indian names The Wild band of the month

the wild press photo Dreams are maps baby robot mediaIt was great to finally see you all play this past week at the Stuffing in Atlanta. How did you all come to be a part of the event and what were the two days you played like?

Witt (all answers): The Stuffing was a great experience for us. It was great to be in our hometown for Thanksgiving, and it just had a really cool family atmosphere. We played with Bad Books this summer at The Webster Hall in New York, and we started talking with them about The Stuffing. We’re really Grateful to Manchester Orchestra for asking us to be a part of it. The first night was all acoustic, and we were a little nervous, because we were the first band that night, and it was really cold and raining. I guess I was just worried that no one would get there in time for the first band, but when we came out to play the room was full, and it was great feeling. It was really cool to play acoustic, because we got to do some songs we don’t get to play very often, and to play to a quiet and attentive room was a really cool experience. The second night was all electric and we played last on our stage. It was so much fun, and it was cool to see the contrast in the energy of the crowd from the acoustic show the night before. We just had a great time hanging out with the Manchester Orchestra guys, our friends in Front Bottoms, and to see and chat with Kevin Devine again. There were also a lot of bands that we hadn’t seen before and were really excited to meet and play with. Big Jesus was one of my favorites.


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