Book Club’s latest “The Way It Seems” premieres today at Paste Magazine, who lauds the group’s “down-home, Americana- and country-infused style of pop.”

Book Club press photo One-Way Moon Folk, Indie, Country Robbie Horlick, Rachel Buckley, Matt Jarrard, Todd Kerstetter, Gus Fernandez baby robot media

Georgia-based collective Book Club have shared “The Way It Seems,” a new track off their forthcoming sophomore full-length One-Way Moon. Recorded in Atlanta’s Glow in the Dark Studios with Grammy-nominated producer Matt Goldman, the album follows Book Club’s 2011 debut, Ghost, and their subsequent 2013 EP,Shapes on the Water. The band’s down-home, Americana- and country-infused style of pop shines through on the new project, which was tracked completely live in the studio. Frontman and songwriter Robbie Horlick explained of the organic recording process, “we were about the freshness of it, and it felt good. We were a band, and we played the songs—no smoke, no mirrors.”

One-Way Moon is set for release on Feb. 17 via The Cottage Recording Co. & Bear Kids Recordings. LISTEN HERE…

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