The Boot premieres “I’d Love Another Saturday Night” by Jason Wilber

The Boot Premiere

Nashville-based songwriter Jason Wilber has some big news: He’s preparing to release a new album. The artist has shared the project’s details, as well as one of its songs, “I’d Love Another Saturday Night,” exclusively with The Boot.

Wilber, who has been a fixture in Americana legend John Prine’s band since he was 26 years old, wrote the lighthearted, upbeat “I’d Love Another Saturday Night” about something to which we can all relate: that feeling of wanting the weekend to be a little bit longer.

“Whether I’m on the road playing shows or just hanging around at home, I love Saturdays. Sometimes the weekend feels like the prize you get for making it through the week without going crazy or keeling over,” Wilber tells The Boot. “So “I’d Love Another Saturday Night” is the thought I have at some point almost every Sunday. In fact, Saturdays are so much fun, I say, why not add in another one? I think the world would be a better place if we had two Saturdays and a Sunday each weekend.” READ MORE…

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