BuzzBands.LA premiere F.Y.I.’s’ “No Shx!” from his new EP, Age / Sex / Location

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Mid-city Los Angeles rapper F.Y.I. has been doing his thing for over a decade now, formerly going by the name Foreshadow, and co-founding the L.A. rap group Those Chosen in the mid-Aughts, releasing the “5ive” EP in 2010, produced by IZ Avila. His debut, 2014’s “Yo! The Places You’ll Go” with its Dr. Seuss reference, was full of great beats and interesting rhymes with substance, especially on the great tracks “Like Me,” and “Dopamine” featuring Ab-Soul and his Those Chosen cohorts to close out the album. His sophomore project, the new “Age / Sex / Location” EP, arrives next Tuesday. The six-track effort was produced by frequent collaborator Dual Output and builds on its predecessor with dynamite production incorporating live instrumentation, and a dynamite flow to match it. The lead single “No Shx!” (think ‘it’ in lieu of ‘x,’ for the grown-ups) coasts on a smooth dancehall groove built around a lively bass line and melancholic sample that resembles the phrase “you don’t know shit,” with Nigerian-born singer/songwriter Smalls on the hook, and F.Y.I.’s rhymes both quick in speed and wit. Other standout tracks are soul-flipping funky rhymefest opener “One Thang” and the soulful ode to the boo, “Our World.” LISTEN HERE…

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