Clash Magazine interviews The Dears’ Murray Lightburn on his Canadian identity

Clash Magazine Interview

It’s now 150 years since the confederation of Canada.

That’s not a long time. In fact, the Clash team probably pass trees older than that on their way to our London office.

It is, though, an important milestone. Canadian identity is continually evolving, twisting between many different poles, absorbing many different facets.

The Dears’ frontman Murray Lightburn has always been proud of his Canadian identity, but his experience is much more nuanced than simple patriotism.

Here, he writes for Clash about how he views his Canadian identity, and how it is constructed.

I have lost count of how many times I’ve been asked: “…ya but where are you really from?” It reminds me of the assumption, when I am out in public carrying a guitar case, that: 1. there is a bass inside and 2. I probably play funk. In reality, I’m just a “Canadian kid” who sings and plays guitar in an “indie rock” band. READ MORE…

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