Crave Online: Luna Sol ‘December’ ft. John Garcia Gets Volcanic in The Desert

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When you clicked on this article, you were entering into an agreement, of which you are the prime beneficiary: you’re here to listen to some fucking great music, and we’re here to give it to you. Got it? We good on this formula? Alright, then let’s get the gears in motion.

The spectrum of our premieres ranges wide, and often times we’ll take a chance with some odd nonsense that doesn’t strike the soul or set your veins on fire. This is no such song. The latest offering from Luna Sol, the new high-mountain rock project from Hermano guitarist Dave Angstrom, “December” is a Sabbath-channeling churner of impending doom that features guest vocals from Angstrom’s Hermano bandmate John Garcia of Kyuss and Vista Chino.

Ready for this shit? Tear into the stompin, squealin, fucking riotous good time of “December” exclusively on Crave – a taste of what’s to come from their debut LP Blood Moon, which hits on 4/20 (pre-order) and also features a guest spot from Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age). LISTEN HERE…

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