Creative Loafing praises The Head’s performance in Georgia Shakespeare’s production of Tony Award-winning British satire, “One Man, Two Guvnors.”

The headCreative Loafing Atlanta today for The Head's performance in Georgia Shakespeare's production of Tony Award-winning British satire One Man Two Guvnors

Guvnors‘ most valuable players may be the Atlanta rock trio The Head, who perform a lively mini-concert before the opening curtain, playing short songs during the scene changes. All in their early 20s, the Head clearly specialize in songs of the era, including hits by the Who and the Beatles, and have the youth, costuming, and rockstar moves of the British invasion down pat.

The Head confidently play like a real band of the early 1960s, not a stage musical approximation, but their presence requires a trade-off. The transitional songs, however bright and peppy, can impede the story’s momentum in what’s not a short show to begin with. Should a silly farce really be almost as long as King Lear? Nevertheless, the Head contributes to a final number that brings a real sense of culmination and rock ‘n’ roll release to the show. The three band members, teamed with Muñoz, prove to be a real Fab Four. READ MORE…

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