Culture Collide interviews Grand Vapids and premieres the title track off the band’s new album Guarantees

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Sometimes you hear a lineup and just know that it’s right. This is true of McKendrick Bearden, Austin Harris, Chris Goggans, and Paul Stevens, who make up the Georgia-based indie rock band Grand Vapids.

Harris and Bearden’s vocals call to mind that of Sun Kil Moon, cushioned by loud, purring drums, melancholy violin, and dense soundscapes that fold in on each other like waves and explode unhurriedly into the ether.

“We didn’t wanted to rush anything on this record,” says Harris. “We took our time, really worked on the songs as a band, and played them a lot before going into the studio. When we started recording, it felt natural and we had a lot of room to expand the arrangements.”

And it shows. Their album, recorded in Athens, Georgia and mastered by Drew Vandenberg, (whose credits include of Montreal, Deerhunter, and Kishi Bashi), showcases a calculated but genuine sound, filling a void in the current indie rock landscape. Stream the single “Guarantees” from the album of the same name, out Jan. 20. READ MORE…

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