Death+Taxes takes an in-depth looks at 8 Inch Betsy’s song “Uh Oh”

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8 Inch Betsy will be releasing their posthumous sophomore album, The Mean Days, November 13 on 307 Knox Records. It will be the much-loved Chicago band’s first full-length since 2007’s This Time Last Time Every Time, andDeath and Taxes is honored to be premiering a track off the album: the blistering, emotionally raw “Uh Oh.”

“‘Uh Oh’ is like that moment where you realize the shit is going to hit the fan and you need to hold on,” bassist Eli Burke said of the songThat urgency is reflected in the recording, which begins with sharp, tense guitars before shifting into full-propulsion mode. Singer and guitarist Meghan Galbraith’s intense, howling vocals add impassioned weight to the song’s lyrics, which consider how tenuous a hold we actually have on the things we depend upon for stability and security: LISTEN HERE…

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