Earbuddy calls Voli’s new single, “Burn Everything” feat. Misun “an ecstatic, turbo-charged track that scorches the ground it travels on.”

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Voli isn’t exactly what you’d call a conventional hip hop artist. His new single, “Burn Everything”, pulled from his forthcoming LP The Wall features the much loved band Misun and together they turn up the heat for an ecstatic, turbo-charged track that scorches the ground it travels on. Get a listen to “Burn Everything” below.

While classic art-and-prog-rock elements appear on his new record The Wall, and he namechecks the legendary band Pink Floyd in his song “DNA”, the album’s title wasn’t inspired by the band. “It’s actually from a Will Smith interview I saw with Charlie Rose,” Voli explains. “As children, Will and his brother were tasked with building a wall for their father’s shop. At first, they were overwhelmed, but they continued to lay the bricks each day for almost two years. They finished it through dedication—one brick at a time.”

The Wall holds many shades of meaning for the Jersey-born (and now L.A.-based) Voli. In part, it’s about his journey as an artist, about growing slowly, carefully, and taking the time to build something that lasts. “I am creating a foundation for myself—musically, professionally, personally,” Voli says. “Each piece of ourselves is one brick in that wall. And it’s not always the easiest thing to hold it together, to find that mortar, to find that glue.” LISTEN HERE…

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